A full range of commercial and residential services



Our team has extensive experience in the industrial scaffolding sector. Having worked on dairy factories, petrochemical, geo thermal, gas, coal power plants plus a range of other industrial sites.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience cater for all of your scaffolding solutions.


Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

Tube and fitting scaffolding is a traditional type of scaffolding using poles and planks and connecting all the components together with couplers.

It can be adapted to almost any structure no matter how large or small and it can be of the most basic design or highly engineered technical design.


Readylok Transom Units

Readylok transoms are a fixed transom unit that come in sizes 3,4,5 boards wide and they work with traditional tube and fitting scaffolding.

The units are manufactured in such a way that they eliminate the need for ledger bracing (Dog Legs) through the working platform which improves access to the work areas and increases efficiency in erection times by eliminating the need to plumb standards.


Shrink Wrap Scaffolds


Scaffolding structure built on, around or over anything and wrapped in a plastic sheet which is then heated and shrunk to the scaffolding structure.

The sheet acts as a protection from New Zealand weather conditions allowing work to commence in all the seasons throughout the year. It also act as a layher of protection for member of public from harmful substances associated with work sites.


Contract Labour Hire


If you have your own scaffolding as a company or private owner

we can send a team of guys to erect it for you on your project at a competitive rate.